A yet unknown buyer at the Countrywide Property auction managed to buy former Beatles member Paul McCartney’s childhood home only 6 minutes after the auction started.

 Sold for £150,000


The house where the legendary Sir Paul McCartney grew up sold for £150,000 only 6 minutes after auctioned opened with a starting price of £100,000. Who bought the house is yet unknown, although we can sort of guess their reasoning behind it ;-)

The old house is located in Speke, just outside of Liverpool. Macca’s old childhood home – located in the same avenue – recently sold for almost double the price of McCartney’s house.

Lennon and Harrison


Back in October of 2013 fellow Beatles member John Lennon’s childhood home (located at Newcastle Road in Wavertree) was sold at an auction for approximately £480,000.

In October of last year George Harrison’s old childhood house managed to sell for £156,000 making it so that all legendary childhood homes have now been sold to unknown buyers.


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