A large part of Liverpool’s City Center was sealed off after construction workers at the Pall Mall construction site unearthed an intact explosive that has been buried at the site since the second world war.

According to Liverpool Echo several roads in the city center were closed off and the entire area was sealed off until the specialized units began a de-bombing procedure.


Bomb disposal team

Soon after the discovery a specialized bomb disposal team made their way to the site of the multi-million pound development.

With the help of a special robot, the team managed to excavate ‘two historical World War II objects’ that were supposedly ‘intact’ and had a chance to exploded if not handled correctly.

According to the police local businesses will be allowed to return to the area as soon as possible. It’s still unknown if the explosives were actually dangerous, but in cases like these authorities tend to take precautions and evacuate all the people on site immediately.


Robot taking care of the dangerous WW2 relics



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