Despite a large increase in fees and tuition to attend Merseyside universities the schools are seeing larger classes. With a base fee of £9,000 students have decided that it is still worth the record breaking prices to attend. The class of 2012/13 had a six percent increase in attendees and even more are expected for the coming year. This balloons the student population of Liverpool city centre to over 50,000, a record number.


The surrounding towns and residents have worked hard to make their cities inviting and welcoming the coming students which are credited in keeping rates for the schools up. These universities are obviously doing something right with record breaking numbers of current students and prospective students.

The academics of these schools are also staying above average. With A level grades increasing by over a hundred the students are smarter as well. The courses and online tests that more and more enroll in are also courses that help the local economy such as health sciences, social work, average IQ, care and justice.


School officials hope that with the rise in student attendance and student grades that more and more will decide to stay in the surrounding towns and bolster the economy in these hard times. With the majority of these students studying such noble causes hopefully it will be a blessing to not only the surrounding area but the entire country as well.